What inspires me?
I often get that question.
Everything, is my answer.

I sometimes feel like a sponge, that absorbs inspiration from everything that comes my way.

But what really leaves a mark, is the things that evokes a memory in me. It is about recognising something. It could be a line in a wallpaper, that reminds me of the woods I used to play in as a child. Or if I see bird designs, I can hear my grandmother singing the old Norwegian song about the little bird who sings so beautifully.

When I think about networks across cultures and religions, I can see the geometrical patterns of the Norwegian wood carvings that were etched into the walls of century old houses. And we have a lot of those where I come from. What amazes me is that you can find almost identical patterns from cultures and countries around the world.

Whenever I return home from my travels, I see its forms and colours with fresh eyes.

When I see Aliona Pazdiakova’s picture “Wiking roots” in Vouge, I see ‘Tusten’ from Tarjei Vesaas’ book ‘The Birds’. This book is a mandatory read when you are from his hometown of Vinje. The story tells the tale of a mentally disabled man who struggles to fit in. In the end he gives up, takes his boat out on the lake, and turns to the elements to discover the answers.

My father ones published a record called ‘Atterklang’ (reverberation), and I like this word. It is a good word to describe inspiration. What inspires me is what in some way reverberate something that has already left a mark with me, and together it creates a new expression – my expression.





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Sammen utgjør de det som er Linn Sigrid Bratland sitt verksted i dag.

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